Periodic safety inspections are a necessary fact of owning and operating equipment.  Filling out the forms can take a lot of time.

Take the stress out of meeting with Government inspectors!  We have included a Highway Patrol safety inspection report system designed for motor transport terminals. This report system is based on the California Highway Patrol CHP-108 form.  We will be adding other safety inspection requirements as our beta testers request them.

As with all aspects of EQUIPMENT AND FLEET MAINTENANCE, we strive to reduce your work load and minimize paper shuffling.  Here you simply take your Internet enabled tablet to the equipment and mark each area as "OK" or "Deficient" as you make the inspection.  That is it!  Then, when it is time to print the necessary reports, your office staff can simply select the piece of equipment and then print the safety inspection reports that we provide.

We are dedicated to driver and public safety.  We will create any reasonable report needed to satisfy your regional, state or federal safety inspection agencies.